Victory Motorcycles Near Lubbock and Dallas, TX

Born from the minds of Polaris – a snowmobile and ATV brand based in Minnesota – the Victory Motorcycle brand was bred in the late 1990’s to compete with major motorcycle brands. Aimed to share the market space with Harley-Davidson, the brand produced high-quality, American-made, cruiser-style bikes to last riders for the long-term. This is one of the primary reasons you’ll find some at Twisted Cycles in Lubbock and Dallas, TX.

Why a Victory Motorcycle?

So why purchase a Victory Motorcycle? There are a number of reasons, primarily in the performance. Victory models have been known for their reliability and durability. Plus, many models offer more horsepower than other major brands – even against some Harley Davidson models. Another important aspect of Victory motorcycles is in price. Victory cycles are much less expensive than their counterparts - namely due to their discontinuation in 2017 by their parent company. However, parts are still widely available, making the model a great affordable option if you want to try out a cruiser model for a few years.

Victory 8-Ball Models

One unique type of Victory motorcycle is the 8-Ball models. Found across five bikes, the 8-Ball models provide a unique and effective spin on some of the brand’s flagship models. To lean to those who want a quality, no-frills ride, 8-Ball models provide the same great drive but with fewer add-ons and accessories. Additionally, these versions also ride lower or have seats closer to the ground compared to their counterparts. Models that receive this version include:

  • Hammer
  • Vegas
  • Kingpin
  • Vision
  • Cross Country

Find a Pre-Owned Victory Motorcycle near Lubbock and Dallas, TX

Though Polaris began winding down production and discontinued the Victory Motorcycles brand, they will still provide spare parts for their models until 2027. That being said, Victory Motorcycles are still in circulation for a reason; they are dependable, quality ride cycles that can offer you years of memories on the road. Stop into Twisted Cycles at our Lubbock or North Dallas, TX locations to find select models in our inventory. We work with anyone interested in purchasing a motorcycle

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