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With plenty of power and handling, Kawasaki is known as a solid motorcycle brand for new riders due to their lightweight and inexpensive price tag. This is one of many reasons why Twisted Cycles makes sure to include some in our inventory. Continue reading to understand more about the Kawasaki brand, which is sold here at Twisted Cycles.

The Kawasaki Story

Entering into the late 1960’s the American motorcycle industry found a new competitor. With an engine originally built by an aircraft division in 1949, the Kawasaki brand grew so well in Japan that plans were made to enter the American markets in an old Chicago meat warehouse. All it took was a single engine model in Japan that produced enough success to justify an entire factory dedicated to it. In 1969, the Mach III 500cc two-stroke triple began shaping the brand as a company built on performance. Over the course of its lifetime, Kawasaki slowly became one of the most well-known motorcycle brands in the world.

Kawasaki Models at Twisted Cycles

Fast-forward to today, Kawasaki models have found their way here to the Lubbock and North Dallas areas at Twisted Cycles. Labeled as a dependable and steadfast brand with a number of popular options, motorcycles produced by the company are great options for those looking for adventure with sport and sport touring bikes. From its iconic Ninja H2R model to the original Ninja GPZ900R, the Kawasaki brand impresses with speed and performance in its flagship Ninja models. Both of our locations accept these as trade-ins or for purchase, and many don’t stick around for long. The brand also offers various off-road models in the KLX and KX lines– the latter often built for youth sizes.

Find a Pre-Owned Kawasaki Motorcycles near Lubbock and Dallas, TX

Like many other available brands, Kawasaki models are great options to check out in our inventory. Filled with power despite their light weight, you can always come across a Ninja model or Vulcan option at either of our locations. Stop in today to find one, or let our technicians help keep yours in top shape at Twisted Cycles.

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