Pre-Owned Harley Davidson Dyna® Models near Dallas, TX

As one of the most recognized motorcycle bodies in the world, the Harley-Davidson Dyna® Model line offers a consistently strong experience on the road. Each model has a memorable stripped-down cruiser look that is as iconic in a Harley-Davidson model as the name itself. But while the product line ended in 2018, we at Twisted Cycles in the Dallas and Lubbock, TX areas carry a large variety of such models at each of our locations.

Dyna® Model List

Dyna® Models Unique Details
Street Bob® Tall Ape-Hangar Handlebars, Triple Clamp Forks
Lowrider® Very Popular Upon First Launch, Lower Seating Position
Fat Bob® Oversized Look from Front Forks, Tires, Two-Toned Exterior Finish
Wide Glide® Isolated Front Wheel, Old School Chopper Look & Feel
Switchback® Built Between Dyna® Cruiser and Touring Motorcycles

Looking at each of the model names in the Dyna® lineup, each one provides a unique look and experience on the road. Fat Bob® models offer chunkier wheels and a larger V-Twin engine than others. Lowrider® models provided a lower seating position but maintained an enjoyable ride. However, the largest of the Dyna® lineup is the Switchback®, which offers an experience between the classic Dyna® models and Harley-Davidson® touring models.

What is A Dyna® Model?

But what exactly are Dyna® models? Models such as the ones listed above have a distinct look and feel to them in comparison to other Harley-Davidson® models. Coming into production as early as the 1980’s, such models were the middle-child of the company’s production line. Armed with the new Dyna® chassis, models with its frame were advertised as lighter and less expensive models. Larger than more compact models yet smaller than Touring models, they offered a strong all-around experience with solid handling and power. It wasn’t the strongest or held the most cargo, but the lineup was known for being malleable and customizable to what riders wanted.

Find a Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson Dyna® Model near Dallas and Lubbock, TX             

Even though production has stopped, many still revere the Dyna® chassis and each model associated with it. From a reliable company with plenty of parts available, a pre-owned model can be readily had at Twisted Cycles. At both our inventories in the Dallas and Lubbock, TX areas, we offer numerous types that fall under the Dyna® model family. Stop into our locations and check one out for yourself.

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