Motorcycle Oil Changes near Dallas and Lubbock, TX

We all love hitting the open road with our motorcycles. The rush of the wind, the great Texas landscapes all around us, even our friends and family who join us. But a crucial part of owning a motorcycle is in keeping it in top shape. The most important of this process is in changing the oil in your motorcycle. At Twisted Cycles, you can schedule an appointment with us to change and replace your oil to get you back on the road.

Why Do I Have to Change My Oil?

Making sure you have the oil changed in your motorcycle is crucial. Without the usage, your oil can break down and cause issues with your engine, causing both riding troubles and potentially bad damage to your entire engine. Riding your motorcycle more often may make it susceptible to quicker oil change times. However, riding even less may cause more damage if you don’t, as the corrosion process may start. When you use it, always be mindful of when your last change was or keep a log so you know how long you can go before you need your next one.

An image of a used oil filter from a motorcycle.

Benefits of Consistent Oil Changes

By having your oil changed regularly in your motorcycle, you’re ensuring that it remains running for longer. Doing it even once per year – regardless of how little you may ride it – can have some major benefits. Utilizing the right oil is also vital, as each motorcycle is different when it comes to servicing. However, some benefits to changing your oil regularly include:

  • Clean Engine
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Better Performance from Your Engine
A mechanic replacing the oil on a motorcycle.

Schedule an Oil Change Through Twisted Cycles In Dallas and Lubbock, TX

Sometimes, you aren’t able to change the oil yourself. That’s why we’re here at Twisted Cycles. Located in the Dallas and Lubbock areas, we not only provide a Buy Here, Pay Here experience, but we have a strong group of qualified technicians to keep your ride in top shape. We offer oil change services through our service department, so schedule a service with us today to return to the open road!


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