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Why You Should Purchase a Pre-Owned Motorcycle over a New Model

Reasons to Purchase a Pre-Owned Motorcycle over a New Model

Purchasing a new motorcycle is an exciting time. After a test drive or some research, the excitement to hit the road with a fresh ride makes it even more exhilarating. But afterward, you may regret your decision with more fees than expected or a significant drop in value. Nowadays, purchasing a pre-owned model has been picking up some serious speed. Check out some reasons to purchase a pre-owned ride, courtesy of Twisted Cycles.

It Can Save Money on Initial Purchase

Like cars, SUVs, or trucks, it will cost you top-dollar to buy a brand-new Harley, Yamaha, or any other motorcycle model. After paying additional fees, a new model could set you back more than you’d expect. With a pre-owned option, you can find great deals at Twisted Cycles on many different cycles with low mileage that’s both affordable and ready to drive – including Harley Davidson models. Additionally, the money you save can be put towards any modifications or apparel you need for the road.

Lower Depreciation & Insurance Rates

Depreciation values and insurance rates are another good reason to purchase a pre-owned motorcycle over a newer one. Just like cars, new cycles depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot. With pre-owned models, they’ve already gone through the process, which allows you to save money down the road. With a lower depreciation, insurance rates aren’t always as high as new cycles either, so it saves you money from year to year.

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Ideal for Newer Riders

Another major factor that should play into your consideration is your experience. Especially when you’re an entry-level driver, purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle is a good option while you gain experience. In case of any accident or rookie mistake, it won’t cost you a fortune to replace or fix a pre-owned model, nor will you lose as much depreciation as mentioned before. Plus, it allows you to try out different models to see what engine and features you like best for that new model down the road.

Find a Pre-Owned Motorcycle at Twisted Cycles

With such a large inventory, it would be hard not to find a quality motorcycle at an affordable price. Plus, for all the reasons above, a pre-owned option is the most cost-effective option for both the short and long term. Check our inventory at both our Dallas, TX and Lubbock locations and schedule a test drive today!

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