A woman holding a mask made with cloth and sewing utensils.

Where and How to Build a Face Mask near Lubbock and Dallas, TX

Local Options for Facemasks near Lubbock and Dallas, TX

With the recent update given by Governor Greg Abbotts on the use of face masks in counties with more than 20 COVID-19 cases, many of us may want to be resourceful when it comes to protecting our loved ones. You may be curious about how to make your own facemask or where you could find one. At Twisted Cycles, we provide a few resources for you to check out to help you out during this time. Follow along to read more!

Where can I find a Face Mask in Lubbock and Dallas, TX?

As per the update, owning a face mask during this time is important when going out in public at certain places. There are a few places that have facemasks available if you haven’t purchased or received one yet. Some places include:

How Can I Build My Own Face Masks?

While purchasing a mask is a great way to support local businesses, it may not always be the option since masks are in high demand. A great way to fill the gap is to make your own. Though it may not protect you as well as a medical or purchased mask, they can greatly improve the chances of minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Back in April, a local Lubbock site covered instructions on how to build your own with simple items like cotton fabric, elastic bands, and basic sewing supplies. These masks can be used effectively at places where you cannot socially-distance as well, such as:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants (when not eating or drinking)
  • Pharmacies
  • Local Shops
  • Busier Outdoor Areas

Stay Safe and Healthy with us at Twisted Cycles!

While it’s uncertain how long the decision will last, we at Twisted Cycles want to do our part by maintaining a safe and clean space for all customers during this time. Between masks and cleaning regimens, we are making sure we take the necessary steps to make you feel comfortable in our environment. Even so, we also maintain our online inventory for those wanting to distance from home. Give us a call or stop in today and let us help you find your ideal vehicle!

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