Two people riding on a Harley Davidson motorcycle during the summer heat.

When is it Too Hot to Ride a Motorcycle?

Tips and Observations about Riding a Motorcycle in Hot Weather

We’ve all been there – you have the itch to ride your cycle today, but the hot Texas sun is beating down hard. You aren’t sure if you want to head out, but just know you want the feeling of the open road in front of you. At Twisted Cycles, we go over when it’s too hot to ride a motorcycle, as well as provide some tips on how to prepare for hot weather on your ride, below:

Riding in Hot Weather is Unavoidable

Let’s face it – riding a motorcycle in hot weather is unavoidable in Texas. If you choose to ride only when it is 100 degrees, you’d be riding only a fraction out of the year. You’re going to have times where you’ll need to pull out your cycle to travel in hot Texas summers. There is no direct temperature when it is illegal to ride a cycle but knowing what you can handle is a big factor. Pay attention to your body the next time you’re out and gauge it for yourself.

A man driving down an open road in the sunlight wearing a leather jacket.

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Hot Weather

For some tips on riding in the hot weather, follow through with the brief list below:

  • Drink & Bring Plenty of Water: Having water in your system beforehand will help you stay hydrated to start, but having water packed for long trips is a must. Especially on breaks, intake electrolytes as well to stay quenched and ready for the next jaunt.
  • Wear a Motorcycle Jacket: Though you’d expect the heat to be unbearable in a leather jacket, it effectively blocks the sun from damaging your skin. If you want more breathable equipment, try mesh jackets or windbreakers.
  • Park in the Shade Whenever You Can: This tip also applies before your trip even takes place. Keeping your cycle cool makes it much easier to grab and go and can prevent your vehicle from overheating quickly. Finding shade during a stop is a good tactic for both your seat and the motorcycle in general.

Find a Pre-Owned Motorcycle at Twisted Cycles in Lubbock & North Dallas, TX

When it comes down to it, only you can tell how hot is too hot for you to drive a motorcycle. Taking the proper precautions and preparing for the weather ahead can make your 105-degree ride as enjoyable as an 80-degree one. To set yourself up with a new ride, be sure to stop into Twisted Cycles. We work with anyone, regardless of credit, to get you the bike you want!

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