An image of the V-twin engine inside a 2020 harley Davidson Breakout® 114.

What’s the Difference Between a V-Twin Engine and a Non-V Twin Engine?

An Overview of the Difference Between a V-Twin Engine and a Non-V Twin Engine

Perhaps one of the most well-known motorcycle engines is the V-Twin. Used for numerous jobs, the engine has been around since the early 1900s and is one of the most influential engines in motorcycle history. But what is it, exactly? At Twisted Cycles, we take a look at the difference between V-Twin Engines and non-V-twin engines.

An image of a 2020 Harley Davidson with a V-Twin engine inside of it.

What is a V-Twin Engine?

A V-twin engine is a two-cylinder piston engine typically found in motorcycles. Each cylinder shares a common crankshaft and is arranged in a way that make the engine look like a “V”. Most configurations of the lettered shape are usually between 90-degrees or less to achieve engine balance. As an example, most Harley Davidson V-twin engines have a 45-degree angle to the V-shape to allow for optimal balance. Nonetheless, each cylinder slightly pokes out from the motorcycle, bringing comparisons to those classic V8 engines found in muscle cars.

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Differences with a V-Twin Engine

The V-twin engine differs from other major engines in numerous ways. In some cases, the difference is more subjective. Ducati produces some 90-degree facing engines but considers them “L-twins” despite it still falling under the V-twin’s shape. Depending on its frame, V-twin engines also have a lower center of gravity. They also put out slightly less horsepower in some cases but make up for it in overall torque output. Plus, we can’t forget about that classic sound!

Find a V-Twin Engine Motorcycle at Twisted Cycles

The overall battle between which motorcycle engine is best will always be an ongoing war, but the classic V-twin engine is the most iconic of the bunch. With its popularity, you can find a motorcycle with one almost anywhere – including both our locations in Dallas and Lubbock, TX. Stop into Twisted Cycles today and schedule a test drive to see how you like the V-twin engine today!

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