A person driving a motocross off-road motorcycle in the air.

What You Need to Make an Off-Road Motorcycle Street Legal in Texas

An Overview on What You Need to Make an Off-Road Motorcycle Street Legal in Texas

The motorcycle riding hobby takes us many places, both on-road and off-road. Because of this, some of us enjoy the thrill and feel of a dirt bike or off-road vehicle more than a touring or cruiser model. But what do you need to make one street legal in the state of Texas? At Twisted Cycles, we look into what you may need to comply with Texas Law and enjoy your drive on whatever road condition you please!

A man driving an off-road motorcycle that is equipped with headlights and side mirrors.

What Your Motorcycle Needs to Be Street Legal            

For your off-road motorcycle to become legal, Texas Law requires the following:

  • DOT approved Headlights with high and low beam options
  • Battery-Powered Taillights/Brake Lights
  • Rearview Mirrors
  • Horn (electric or otherwise)
  • DOT-Approved Tires, Fuel Tank
  • OHV Decal
  • Proper Registration and License Plating
  • Proper Motorcycle Inspection
  • Liability Insurance (and Proof)
  • Emissions Test (check with DMV)

A good portion of the above-mentioned requirements can be fixed mechanically through packages and kits, such as a Tusk Kit. Tusk kits can be found through various online websites and cycle shops and can be fairly easy to equip the proper items you need on your off-road cycle or dirt bike. Other items, such as a proper inspection, insurance coverage and vehicle registration, can be done through the DMV and your own insurance provider.

Additional items You May Need to Make Your Bike Street Legal

On top of the state-required additions to your cycle, you may need a few other items that aren’t strictly required. One such item includes some sort of electrical system. Since many parts you’ll be adding to your off-road ride are battery-powered, the model’s current output may not be enough. Always be sure to check your cycle’s manual to understand proper wiring configurations, additional upgrade capacities you may need. Outside of this, a speedometer may also be a solid investment to gauge your speed. Texas law does not require you to have one, but it makes for a much easier time knowing how fast you’re going to abide by speed limits.

Find Help with Your Off-Road Motorcycle at Twisted Cycles

When you begin your process of making your dirt bike or off-road motorcycle street legal, be sure to check in with us if you need any help. From motorcycle maintenance and quick tips to outright trading-in your model for a fresh ride, we can help you each step of the way!

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