A black motorcycle that's fallen over in the road next to a traffic cone.

What Should I Do If My Motorcycle Falls Over?

A Guide To Help In Case Your Motorcycle Falls Over

Picture a motorcyclist’s nightmare: you just purchased that new bike or gave it a clean finish only just before an accident or mishap and it falls over. Beyond the scratching and possible damage, a shock of embarrassment can give way to inaction in the moment. What should you do if that day ever comes? At Twisted Cycles, we provide a guide of some things you should do in case your motorcycle falls over.

Turn Off the Engine

If your bike falls over and you aren’t stuck under it or in an accident, your first move should be to turn the motorcycle off. Not only will this prevent the vehicle from moving if the accelerator is hit, but it will keep any engine damage to a minimum. In case of emergencies, you should hit the kill switch first before turning off the ignition.

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Lift the Motorcycle Upright

If you’re biking with friends, chances are high that they’ll help you get the motorcycle upright in no time. This includes making sure the bike is in gear, which will prevent it from rolling once you do get it up. But even if you’re alone, you’ll need to act quickly to prevent more serious damage than there already is. Be sure to use your legs to lift up and, if possible, use the kickstand to prevent over-pushing. A good method on your own is to put your back to the bike to wedge your entire weight against it without hurting your back.

Motorcycles parked in a garage waiting to be worked on.

Scan For Fluids and Any Damage

Once you’ve moved the motorcycle to the side of the road, you should check for damage and any fluids. There’s a chance your fuel tank, battery, or other fluids may be leaking, which can compromise bike performance and be harmful to any drivers or bystanders.  From there, you should check your own bike for damage – this includes:

  • Shifting Forks
  • Front Brakes
  • Levers and Pedals
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Cosmetic Scraps and Damage

Stay Safe on the Roads with Twisted Cycles

If you or someone you know has damage to their motorcycle, stop into our locations and let us help you out. We want everyone to enjoy the open road and can service your bike in either Dallas or Lubbock, TX. If your bike is toast, stop in to find our inventory of available and affordable pre-owned models!

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