The side view of a driver riding on a 2021 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler.

What Motorcycle Brands Carry Three-Wheelers?

Looking into the Motorcycle Brands that Have a Three-Wheel Option

The motorcycle market is filled with tons of options across many companies. But while the three-wheeler market is considerably smaller, what motorcycle brands carry the option? At Twisted Cycles, we look into the major brands that have a space in the market.


As the largest motorcycle company in history, Harley-Davidson® has its fair share of real estate I the three-wheel market. For recent models, the brand released the Freewheeler and the TriGlide Ultra options. For a premium experience, the TriGlide Ultra combined both stability with the iconic motorcycle feel from the company. With a recently revamped feature list, you can receive a capable infotainment screen and sound system. Meanwhile, the more affordable Freewheeler has been a big hit with its impressive power and stripped-down look.

The side view of a black 2019 Yamaha Nikken in front of mountains.


In a more unique style, Yamaha revealed its entrance into the three-wheel market with the Yamaha Niken. With a frame mirroring a motorcycle, its name translation of “two-sword” compliments its two front wheels well. The Niken model’s overall look is geared to change the way we look at trikes from slow, lumbering vehicles to an excitable and powerful cycle with added support.

What Other Brands Make Three-Wheeled Vehicles?

While many of us see three-wheelers with a defined design in our heads, several brands push the envelope or offer something much different from the motorcycle experience. As the largest three-wheeler company, CAN-AM® provides its fun Spyder and Ryker options. Meanwhile, Polaris has its flagship Slingshot model that borders closer to an open convertible than a small three-wheeler. For moped-esque size and performance, Piaggo produces a lineup of three-wheelers as well.

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