A couple riding on a black CAN-AM Spyder, which is a tricycle.

What is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

An Investigation on What Vehicle is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

When searching for your next fun ride, you or your partner may have looked into a tricycle. While we do carry CAN-AM® Spyders and other great tricycle models at our locations, there are some major differences. One such difference is in safety – but what is safer? We at Twisted Cycles compared a motorcycle and a trike to see which one is a safer ride.

Trikes are More Stable and Easier for Vehicles to See

As seen in its name, trikes balance their weight between three points rather than the two in a motorcycle. This allows for a more stable ride – especially when turning. Compared to motorcycles, they are also larger in many cases. The importance of this comes into play for oncoming vehicles. In many cases, it’s more difficult to identify motorcycles when going around turns and bends – causing most motorcycle crashes to occur at the front of each vehicle. While a trike still isn’t as big as a car, it is usually larger than most motorcycles.

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Motorcycles Provide More Maneuverability

However, motorcycles also have redeeming safety qualities to them when compared to a trike. Because of their center of gravity, motorcycles can round corners and navigate traffic with more pinpoint control. With an added wheel, trikes offer balance, but less maneuverability when navigating through traffic. This can also be true around those pesky corners, where proper handling and control of a motorcycle allows for cleaner, sharper turns and an ability to react to last-second scenarios.

Two people riding on a Honda Goldwing.

Both Motorcycles and Trikes Can Carry Large Insurance Costs

However, both models have similar risks associated with them. While on the road, drivers are exposed to the elements with exception to whatever they may be wearing. This bodes poorly for both collisions and poor weather collisions. Both trikes and motorcycles are much smaller vehicles than a car or truck, so there is always more of a risk that incoming vehicles may not see you. Either way, insurance providers may still consider both to be high-risk vehicles, so it is best to discuss terms with an insurance agent to learn more.

Find Pre-Owned Motorcycles and Trikes at Twisted Cycles

When it comes to overall safety, both options carry benefits and downsides. While a three-wheeled vehicle provides additional stability, motorcycles have the upper-hand in maneuvering. However, both will cost you more to insure than an everyday car or truck. If you’re interested in either model, stop into Twisted Cycles to experience both types of vehicles to see what you’re most comfortable on!

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