An image of the V-twin engine inside a 2020 harley Davidson Breakout® 114.

What are the Pros and Cons of a V-Twin Engine?

An Overview of the Pros and Cons of a V-Twin Engine

As one of the most iconic engines in the game, the V-Twin setup is a staple in the motorcycle industry. Used widely throughout Harley Davidson products, certain engine setups with its likeness provide a phenomenal experience when in use. But are there any downsides? At Twisted Cycles, we look into the pros and cons of the V-Twin engine below:

A recent V-Twin engine inside a 2020 Harley Davidson® Softail® Standard motorcycle.

Benefits to a V-Twin Engine

With its vast popularity in motorcycles, the V-Twin engine has many great qualities about it. Overall, engines of this type are typically well-balanced and can be fairly lightweight, making for easy handling. Displayed in a “V-Shaped” configuration, the engine also maintains good air-cooling capabilities – even with an air-cooling system. These types of engines also typically receive higher torque levels. With its wide use in the Harley Davidson brand, you should be able to find parts for a V-Twin without too much difficulty. As a whole, the engine is a great option for anyone looking for a motorcycle.

Cons of a V-Twin Engine

However, the V-Twin Engine does have some downsides to it. Despite its relative popularity, the engine is a more complex setup than other engine options. This can occasionally translate into higher upkeep costs despite the widespread parts. Because of its dual nature, V-Twin engines typically have a lower fuel economy than other engine types. The vibration on the V-Twin engines that have less than an “L” pitch are also a downside, as the multiple cylinder firing issues can cause more vibration than other engines and lead to less balance.

Find a Pre-Owned Motorcycle at Twisted Cycles in Lubbock and Dallas, TX

Though the V-Twin engine is one of the more iconic engine types in the motorcycle industry, the setup can have its downsides. At Twisted Cycles, we provide plenty of pre-owned motorcycles with both V-Twin and non-V-Twin engines for sale or lease. Simply stop by to check one out or come talk to our associates today!

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