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Ways to Safely Listen to Music While on a Motorcycle

Two Ways That You Can Listen to Music Safely on a Motorcycle

The wind in your face, the friends next to you, and the open road in front: what else could be better? While some motorcycle riders find solace in the sound of their engines, many of us want to enjoy some sweet tunes on the road. But what options are out there? At Twisted Cycles, we go over a few ways you can safely listen to music while on a motorcycle.

An image of a Harley Davidson helmet with a speaker on the inside.

Headphones or Helmet Speakers

A popular option for many on the road includes helmet-mounted speakers. This way, you can feel both the rush of the road and the music in your ears for maximum enjoyment. However, some noise-canceling options may not be ideal because it prevents you from staying aware of the environment around you. Factory Speakers may also be prone to distortions or poorer quality. Earbuds, though useful, are not the best option due to various laws and potential dangers that they entail. Overall, it’s always best to test different kinds of helmets out to find the right kind for you.

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Mounted Stereos on Your Motorcycle

The tried and true way to listen to music is straight from your motorcycle itself – if possible. Many motorcycles come with a sound system built-in for jamming out on the open road. You may not have as private a listening experience, but you have your ears open for your environment. Some setups even have a Bluetooth® option so you can connect a smartphone to play your own playlists. The only dangers associated with them is to make sure your equipment can withstand humidity or high temperatures.

Stop into Twisted Cycles for a Tune-Up or New Ride

Whether it’s a slow cruise on a long drive, we all love a little music to come on our trip. However, making sure you know your options when it comes to listening devices can always help. Also, be sure to stop into Twisted Cycles when you do! Between our Lubbock and Dallas locations, we can assist you in any repairs you may need or help search for the right motorcycle for you.

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