Two motorcycle riders driving down a dirt road in autumn.

Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Last Longer

Four Ways You Can Make Your Motorcycle Last Longer Than Expected

We all want our motorcycles to last longer. It can save money, time, and even our sanity if kept away from the road for too long. But how can you keep your cycle on the road longer? At Twisted Cycles, we came up with a few ways to make your motorcycle last longer. Check them out below.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Knowing your motorcycle’s tires like the back of your hand can go a long way to protect your motorcycle from an early grave. This includes PSI and tread checks. Hitting the open road regularly is also a great thing for your cycle, but make sure you stay on top of your tires.

Three motorcycles stored inside a garage for safe keeping.

Ride with Safety in Mind

While we all love to go fast down long stretches of road, some of our instincts go against your motorcycle’s longevity. Sudden braking and accelerating can put pressure on your cycle, wearing down key components of your engine faster. The general rule of thumb is to drive defensively – that way, you can prepare your cycle for what’s coming quicker.

Have a Place to Put it

While this tip is a minor one, your vehicle does much better when stored away in a safe, dry place. Too much rain can cause rust, while too much sun will fade paint and slowly break down rubber. If kept in a dry and covered place, your motorcycle will thank you with longevity.

Maintain Maintenance Schedules with Twisted Cycles

These are just a handful of tips to make your ride last longer. Our final tip is a simple one: keep up with the maintenance! Twisted Cycles is happy to help maintain or repair your cycle at either Lubbock or Dallas locations. Schedule a service with us to help keep your cycle on the road!

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