A black 2020 Harley Davidson Softail Standard motorcycle parked next two a couple walking away from it.

Ways to Improve the Resale Value of your Motorcycle

Three Tips to Improve your Motorcycle’s Resale Value Before a Sale or Trade-In

Are you looking to sell your motorcycle or are worried about reselling one you just purchased? There are ways to help you prevent your resale value from degrading more than it has to be. Check out some ways to improve the resale value of your motorcycle from Twisted Cycles, located in Lubbock and Dallas, TX areas.

Replace the Seats and Grips

Two major spots of wear-and-tear on any motorcycle comes in the seats and grips. On every ride, both positions are used more than any other spots on the motorcycle. Making sure each space is both clean and well-kept can increase the value of your motorcycle – even if you have to replace both.

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Keep Parts as Original As Possible

Another major way to improve the resale value in your motorcycle starts the moment you first purchase it. Keeping the cycle’s parts as well-maintained and original as possible can return money to your wallet upon resale. This can even provide you with a better drive while you have it, as checking and keeping parts clean can make things run and look much cleaner. However, if you must replace parts, make sure you replace parts from the original manufacturer to keep up the value.

Maintain or Upgrade the Motorcycle’s Lighting

Another good way to improve your motorcycle’s resale value is by maintaining or upgrading its head- and taillights. By upgrading to LED lighting, you can increase the functionality of your bike during night drives and dark conditions. Plus, it can even keep you safer on the roads with other vehicles able to see you better.

Bring Your Vehicle to Twisted Cycles near Lubbock and Dallas, TX

If you can maintain your vehicle during your time with it, selling it privately or to a dealership will prevent any drastic drop in resale value and can land more money in your pocket. If you’re ever considering selling, be sure to check with us at Twisted Cycles. We purchase all types of motorcycles and would love to work with you to get a great price or trade it for a model in our inventory!

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