A modern box engine located on a motorcycle.

Pros and Cons of a Boxer Engine

A List of Pros and Cons for the Flat Engine – Otherwise Known as the Boxer Engine

Typically found in Honda and BMW motorcycles, the Boxer engine – or Flat Engine – is a strong and capable engine for everyday travel. Most known for being in Honda GoldWing models, both the flat-4 and flat-6 offer up a great set of capabilities. But what exactly does it do well? Does it come up short in any way? Today, we at Twisted Cycles go over a list of pros and cons for a boxer engine inside a motorcycle.

Two people on a 2020 Honda GoldWing model being driven down the road.

Pros of a Boxer Engine

  • Reliable
  • Well-Balanced
  • Low Center of Gravity

With strong performance, the boxer engine has plenty of benefits to it. A major plus to a boxer engine is that they have been known to be a reliable engine on tourers and shaft-driven cycles. With a heavier, lower engine, the center of gravity is great for overall balance. This is very similar to those common v-twin engines found across the Harley Davidson brand. Plus, its ride is much smoother due to the consistency in power strokes overlapping each other. All in all, it’s a great engine for those long, paved road cruising trips with your group.

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The Cons that come with the Touring Motorcycle Engine

  • Wide Engine, Cuts Maneuverability
  • Torque Sliding
  • Expensive to Maintain

With as many benefits to the boxer engine, it doesn’t come without some flaws. With the wider cylinder layout, the engine cuts into your ability to reach optimal lean angles on your bike – meaning they shouldn’t be considered with a sport bike. Some older boxer engine motorcycles also were prone to torque sliding under higher levels of acceleration or deceleration around corners. Also, while older flat engines with air-cooling were easy to maintain, the more modern partial liquid cooling versions are more difficult to handle. Plus, with an accident from any of the issues above, you’d be looking at a major parts replacement should you ever take a spill.  

Find the Right Engine and Ride for you at Twisted Cycles

While the boxer engine has its flaws, it remains a great option as a dependable and reliable model on the road. Stop into our Dallas or Lubbock locations at Twisted Cycles to check out our stock of bikes with the flat engines equipped.

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