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Low Mileage Used Motorcycles near Lubbock, TX

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The motorcycle community is filled with great bikes – new and old. Similarly, the market is filled with plenty of used motorcycles that offer a more affordable way to get into the lifestyle. But when it comes to mileage, many of us want models with lower numbers. If you’re looking for a low mileage vehicle in Dallas or Lubbock, TX, stop into Twisted Cycles today. Otherwise, continue reading to find out the importance of low mileage on a motorcycle

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What is the Importance of Low Mileage For a Used Motorcycle?

Like cars, high mileage on a motorcycle almost directly impacts the overall price. With more miles comes additional wear and tear. In this way, used motorcycles are always more affordable than their new counterparts. However, while low mileage is a good indicator for older models and base price, it isn’t always a tell-all number. In many cases, motorcycles that have high mileage can easily be well-maintained by a responsible previous owner. In the same vein, low-mileage motorcycles could have stemmed from a novice driver who rarely serviced the bike. Once you begin comparing models to purchase, other factors are more important.

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How Many Miles is Considered High On a Used Motorcycle?

While Mileage isn’t an end-all, be-all measure for a motorcycle, there are some limits to the rule. Several motorcycle industry outlets believe any model that receives over 25,000 miles is considered ‘high mileage’, with 40,000 miles driven makes it an even greater gamble. It’s always best to find out the service history of the bike to make sure it has been well-maintained over the course of its life. Both measurements can provide a solid history on whether or not the cycle has been maintained over the years so you can best the best possible determination.

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If you prefer a vehicle with less mileage, you can always stop into Twisted Cycles in Dallas and Lubbock, TX to find one that fits your lifestyle. Plus, you can rest assured that we take care of each bike that enters our inventory and can help you learn more about the model. Contact us today for help or visit our online inventory to find mileage and other information on our stock!

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