A handlebar and rear mirror on a motorcycle frozen over with icicles.

Is it Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in the Winter?

An Overview of Winter Driving with Your Motorcycle

Winter driving is always a point to think about when in a vehicle. Between colder temperatures, wintry precipitation, and potentially icy conditions, driving in the winter can be a difficult task. But what about motorcyclists – is it safe to ride in the winter? At Twisted Cycles, we go over if it’s the right move for you below:

A black motorcycle covered in snow after a snow storm.

Can I Drive My Motorcycle in the Winter?

When asking yourself if you can drive your motorcycle in wintry conditions, the real question to ask yourself is should you. While it’s possible to ride in winter temperatures, there are a few factors you should consider before trying it:

  • Understand Your Experience Level: While many of us have been riding for years, you may be new to driving in the winter (or driving at all). Ask yourself how comfortable or experienced you are before you try driving in a different environment.
  • Know Your Climate: Knowing where you live and the winter climate in your area is key. As an example, Texas receives on-average seven inches of snow. While any excessive ice or snowfall isn’t common, winter riders should be aware of colder temperatures.
  • Check Your Bike Ahead of Time: Like any vehicle, doing an inspection on your motorcycle during seasonal changes can ensure that your bike is running smoothly. This is especially true for your tires, as they will be affected by the cold.

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Gear to Have During Winter Motorcycle Rides

If you do decide to ride during the winter months, you should look into equipment and items that will help you on the road. Be sure to have a fresh pair of all-around tires that has traction and resistance to colder temperatures. Having warm clothes, such as gloves and a thick jacket will also keep you warm. Hand and foot warmers are also a good idea if you need to stay warm if an accident or breakdown occurs. You may even want to have some caffeine before or during a ride. Cold temperatures can affect your concentration and alertness.

Find Your Next Ride at Twisted Cycles

As a whole, riding during the winter is not recommended for those who haven’t ridden in wintry conditions. However, areas with a warmer climate have more leeway when it comes to riding. If you’re looking for a motorcycle for winter, stop into Twisted Cycles! We offer plenty of pre-owned models you can prep for winter riding to keep your summer cycle in peak condition. Stop in or view our inventory online today!

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