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Is it Legal to Lane-Split in Texas?

A Guide to Lane-Splitting and 2021 Traffic laws for Motorcyclists in the State of Texas

When out on the road, traffic can get busy in the Dallas, TX area. Highways especially can offer a difficult ride during rush hour. If you’ve wanted to get past slower drivers, you may have that urge to lane-split. But is lane-splitting legal in the state of Texas? Twisted Cycles looks into the matter below:

What is Lane-Splitting?

“Lane Splitting” refers to the action of operating a vehicle between rows of vehicles. Such vehicles may be stopped or moving in adjacent lanes. Drivers attempting to lane-split will typically drive between both vehicles along the lane dividing marks. Many argue that the maneuver can ease traffic congestion and minimize accidents where motorcycles are rear-ended. The act of lane-splitting should not be confused with Lane Filtering – which is moving between lanes to reach the front of traffic stopped at a red light or other intersection.

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Can I Lane-Split in Texas?

In the state of Texas, it is illegal to lane-split. Many pundits argue the act can be incredibly risky and could endanger both the driver and other vehicles regardless of speed. Similarly, the act of Lane Filtering is only legal in the state of Utah at this moment. A fine for lane-splitting in the state of Texas is usually $175, though any potential accidents while doing the act can cause more legal issues. However, those in Texas can lane share, meaning up to two motorcycles can ride side-by-side in a single lane.

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