A man preparing to winterize his motorcycle.

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

Tips on How to Winterize Your Motorcycle to Store for the Season

While we may all want to ride year-round, maintaining your ride is an important step in being a motorcycle owner. However, winterizing doesn’t have to be difficult or a pain – it just takes a few steps. At Twisted Cycles, we provide some tips on how to winterize your motorcycle.

Why Would You Winterize Your Motorcycle?

Winterizing or storing your motorcycle is an important step to maintaining the value of your vehicle – even in Texas. This can prevent rust damage as well as other issues to your parts when you aren’t riding it. If you don’t plan on riding for a little while, it’s best to prepare it for the offseason to keep it in pristine condition.

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A motorcycle covered in snow.

General Tips to Use When Winterizing your Motorcycle

As for general tips, Twisted Cycles has plenty of pointers and things you should think about when winterizing your vehicle. For one, you should have a dry, sheltered space to store your vehicle. This helps to maintain your bike’s overall condition and keep it away from rain or rust risk. Other tips include:

  • Fill your Tank Before You Winterize: Filling up your bike’s tank can help prevent rusting from the open air. Plus, when you add the proper amount of fuel stabilizer and cycle it through, you can reduce the chance of potential damage.
  • Check and/or Replace Parts: Going through the checklist of potential worn parts can help you spot any places of serious wear. Items to check include air or oil filters, brake pads, tires, and more. If you do this ahead of time, chances are high that you won’t have to worry about them once you bring it back out.
  • Wax and Protect Your Chrome and Seating: Ensuring no damage occurs while the vehicle sits, you should always wax your chrome and treat your seat to prevent leather cracking.
  • Close Up Any Small Holes: One of the worst feelings after keeping your motorcycle locked up is to have a critter get into your bike. You can prevent this by taping your exhaust and any other openings to prevent vermin from enjoying your ride.

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