A man and woman on a motorcycle driving down an open highway.

How to Plan for a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

Tips on Planning for a Long-Distance Road Trip with Your Motorcycle

With the summer heat and hot days, you may have started planning a handful of long-distance motorcycle trips! Plus, now is a great time to enjoy a long drive with family and friends. But what can you do to better plan ahead? We at Twisted Cycles look into some tips on how to plan for your upcoming trip.

Plan Out Your Route

For obvious reasons, planning your trip should be your first move before getting on your motorcycle and simply heading out. But the process of planning extends just beyond your route. Mapping out gas stations, food, and stretching stops, checking the weather along your route, and avoiding construction zones are all aspects of planning that can make your drive easier.

A black Honda touring-style motorcycle being ridden by an older man.

Find the Right Ride and Riding Posture

Especially on long drives, your motorcycle type and riding posture are important in keeping you comfortable on the road. Touring motorcycles work great for trips, as they offer a more upright seating placement with a low center of gravity and a larger windscreen. Plus, it can haul a number of saddlebags and other storage areas for your additional gear. But as you sit, make sure to keep a neutral seating position to make sure you don’t slouch or become uncomfortable.

Maintain Your Vehicle with Us at Twisted Cycles

Perhaps the most important part of your journey is in keeping your motorcycle primed and ready for a long drive. This includes checking or replacing your fluids, checking tire pressure or equipping different tires, and other issues. If you don’t have the time let us help at Twisted Cycles – our staff are well-trained and love the feel of the open road as much as you do, so they ensure your bike is equipped for the ride!

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