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How Does a Desmodromic Valve System Work?

How a Desmodromic Valve System Works in a Ducati Motorcycle

Power, speed, performance: all three adjectives are given to Ducati motorcycles. But where does the model derive a large part of its success? In a design by Fabio Taglioni, Ducati motorcycles are equipped with the iconic desmodromic valve system. At Twisted Cycles, we look into how the valve system works below:

Desmodromic Valve System Explained

Using the unique “desmo” valve system, the system has a unique way of closing engine valves. Instead of using springs to close valves, they use forks and L-shaped rocker arms to pull valves closed. In this way, the valve system follows a continuous, seamless rotation. The system was incredibly effective in earlier motorcycle eras since it completely avoided using springs altogether. While many engines have workarounds or more durable parts, the system is still in use by Ducati today.

Brief History of the Desmodromic Valve System

Stemming from the Greek word desmos (“bond”) and dromos (“track”), the desmodromic valve system was created as early as the late 1800’s. The system was brought into the Ducati fold with Fabio Taglioni, a company engineer, who created the system to fit what would be considered the Ducati 125 Desmo. Desmodromic systems, which has now been improved over time, worked to prevent valve spring failure at higher RPMs. The system minimizes the potential for valve float, which is a condition where an internal combustion engine doesn’t properly follow closing of the cam lobe. In turn, it also minimizes valve spring damage.

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