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Haunted Places near Lubbock, TX

A List of Haunted Places in the Lubbock, TX Area

While the trick-or-treating season may be stifled for some, you can still find your fix of spooky places in the Lubbock area. At Twisted Cycles, we look into four of the most haunted places in the Lubbock, TX area you may want to check out:

The Gates of Hell

The most well-known haunted place in the Lubbock area has to be the Gates of Hell. Located near the south end of Dunbar Park, this train trestle is claimed to have plenty of dark activity. Some believe satanic rituals have been done in the area while rumors of a train robbery and mass murder have also been mentioned. Some believe to have seen shadowy figures and dark orbs, as well as an immense atmosphere change at night.

Lubbock Cemetery

Located nearby the supposed Gates of Hell is the Lubbock Cemetery. One of the most well-known haunted sites, some people have seen spirits or apparitions in the area. This includes the tombstone of musician Buddy Holly, where some people claim to hear a guitar when standing near it. However, the most well-known spot is the angel statue near the grave of Julio Herrera. Many stories exist about encounters with the angel at night.

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Texas Tech University

Nestled on the University of Texas Tech, the Rawls College of Business has the grounds for a haunted experience. Formerly built where Thompson Hall once stood, the location was home to one of the more haunted places on campus. Supposedly the hall was built on a former morgue. Another spot on campus is the biology building, which is said to have the spirit of a student – seen as a dark figure – walking around.

Pioneer Hotel

First built as the town’s first premier hotel, the current Pioneer Condos is supposedly filled with paranormal activity. Its fourth floor has seen sightings of ghosts or apparitions. This may have stemmed from an incident when a couple was murdered by an unknown person in a fourth-floor room!

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*As a disclaimer, we do not condone trespassing of any kind with such places. You should not enter an area which you do not have permission. Please see the proper land owner, business owners or proper authorities for granted and respectful access!*