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Four Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Four Motorcycle Safety Tips During Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is finally here, which means the roads are primed for that motorcycle trip you’ve been planning. May is also National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – a time to make sure everyone watches for and shares the roads with all cycle riders. While many drivers will find vehicle tips around all month, we at Twisted Cycles wanted to share a handful of tips for motorcyclists to keep in mind this month. Check them out below:

A motorcycle helmet sitting on top of a motorcycle handlebar.

Wear and Bring the Proper Equipment

Making sure you come prepared with what you need should be priority number one for an extended trip. Having safety gear, like a helmet, is crucial for any small mishap, and it may can save your life in an accident. Beyond that, having a kit of supplies ready can also make the trip that much more enjoyable. Many packs include:

  • Your Mobile Phone
  • Vitamins and/or Daily Medication
  • Pain Relievers
  • Extra Bottle of Water
  • Overnight Supplies (if needed)
  • Sunscreen
  • Map

Know Your Driving Limits

Knowing your limits is another crucial step in any extended cycle ride. If you’re an experienced driver, you may already have a sense for when you start to get inattentive or tired on the road. However, newer drivers may not. If you feel tired or thirsty at all, make that meal stop or gas station fill-up to give yourself time to stretch or take a nap.

Be Aware of and Avoid Large Trucks

Nothing can be more stressful on the road than driving behind a large semi. This is especially true for motorcycles; if a semi’s tire pops, the truck drives over an object, or the driver doesn’t see you, you may not have time to react no matter how alert you may be. If possible, steer clear of any of the semi’s blind spots and avoid staying behind them for too long.

Prepare Your Cycle Before a Weekend Trip with Twisted Cycles

Of course, your motorcycle should always be prepped and ready before any big trip. With our two service centers in Lubbock and Dallas, Twisted Cycles can help you prepare for any trip. Our experienced technicians can make sure your motorcycle is ready for the open road. Stop in and schedule a service with us today or check out our inventory if you’re in the market for a cycle.

Do you have any tips to add to our four safety tips for Motorcycle Awareness Month? Share them below!

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