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A man riding a black 2021 Can-Am Spyder past a gas station.

Can-Am® Spyder vs. Ryker: What’s the Difference?

A Comparison to Figure Out What’s the Difference Between the Can-Am® Spyder and Ryker

As the premier provider of three-wheel on-road vehicles, Can-Am® offers a wide range of rides. Though unorthodox compared to what we provide at Twisted Cycles, a handful of models from the brand make their way to our Lubbock and Dallas locations. But what are the differences between two of their main models: the Can-Am® Spyder and the Ryker? We overview the differences below:

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A couple riding on a black CAN-AM Spyder, which is a tricycle.

What is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

An Investigation on What Vehicle is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

When searching for your next fun ride, you or your partner may have looked into a tricycle. While we do carry CAN-AM® Spyders and other great tricycle models at our locations, there are some major differences. One such difference is in safety – but what is safer? We at Twisted Cycles compared a motorcycle and a trike to see which one is a safer ride.

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A woman looking for traffic while sitting on a 2020 Can-Am Spyder.

What License Do I Need to Drive a Can-Am® Spyder in Texas?

What Type of License You Need to Drive a Can-Am® Spyder in Texas and How to Get One

With warm weather upon us, one of the best ways to get some fresh air is to cruise on the open road with your motorcycle or three-wheel vehicle. However, there can be confusion with three-wheeled vehicles, like the Can-Am Spyder. What do you need to do to ride a Can-Am® Spyder in Texas? Twisted Cycles looked at what you need to drive one in the state of Texas to help answer those questions. Check it out below:

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