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A couple riding on a black CAN-AM Spyder, which is a tricycle.

What is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

An Investigation on What Vehicle is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

When searching for your next fun ride, you or your partner may have looked into a tricycle. While we do carry CAN-AM® Spyders and other great tricycle models at our locations, there are some major differences. One such difference is in safety – but what is safer? We at Twisted Cycles compared a motorcycle and a trike to see which one is a safer ride.

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Two people riding on a Harley Davidson motorcycle during the summer heat.

When is it Too Hot to Ride a Motorcycle?

Tips and Observations about Riding a Motorcycle in Hot Weather

We’ve all been there – you have the itch to ride your cycle today, but the hot Texas sun is beating down hard. You aren’t sure if you want to head out, but just know you want the feeling of the open road in front of you. At Twisted Cycles, we go over when it’s too hot to ride a motorcycle, as well as provide some tips on how to prepare for hot weather on your ride, below:

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A man and woman on a motorcycle driving down an open highway.

Four Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Four Motorcycle Safety Tips During Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is finally here, which means the roads are primed for that motorcycle trip you’ve been planning. May is also National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – a time to make sure everyone watches for and shares the roads with all cycle riders. While many drivers will find vehicle tips around all month, we at Twisted Cycles wanted to share a handful of tips for motorcyclists to keep in mind this month. Check them out below:

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A checklist of items for a vehicle with a red pencil sitting on top of the list.

What to Look for Before Buying a Pre-Owned Motorcycle

A Checklist of Items to Look for Before Buying a Pre-Owned Motorcycle

You’ve finally done it. You’ve done your research, found the right pre-owned motorcycle that fits your style, and are ready to buy. Though the moments leading up to your purchase may be exciting, make sure you have a checklist of what to look for before you buy a pre-owned motorcycle. To help, we at Twisted Cycles compiled a list of some items to look for below.

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