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A black motorcycle that's fallen over in the road next to a traffic cone.

What Should I Do If My Motorcycle Falls Over?

A Guide To Help In Case Your Motorcycle Falls Over

Picture a motorcyclist’s nightmare: you just purchased that new bike or gave it a clean finish only just before an accident or mishap and it falls over. Beyond the scratching and possible damage, a shock of embarrassment can give way to inaction in the moment. What should you do if that day ever comes? At Twisted Cycles, we provide a guide of some things you should do in case your motorcycle falls over.

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A modern box engine located on a motorcycle.

Parallel Twin Engine vs. Flat-Twin Engine: What’s the Difference?

A Comparison of the Parallel Twin Engine and the Flat-Twin Engine Inside Motorcycles

When doing research for your next motorcycle purchase, you may be curious about what engine type to focus on. As twin engines are incredibly common in the industry, there are many different variations of them. One example comes in parallel-twin or flat-twin engines. But what’s the difference? At Twisted Cycles, we compare the two powertrains below:

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A handlebar and rear mirror on a motorcycle frozen over with icicles.

Is it Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in the Winter?

An Overview of Winter Driving with Your Motorcycle

Winter driving is always a point to think about when in a vehicle. Between colder temperatures, wintry precipitation, and potentially icy conditions, driving in the winter can be a difficult task. But what about motorcyclists – is it safe to ride in the winter? At Twisted Cycles, we go over if it’s the right move for you below:

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A red and white 2016 Honda RC213V-S sport bike driving down the road.

What Makes V-4 Motorcycle Engines Unique?

An Overview of the V-4 Engine and its Pros and Cons

When looking to purchase your next motorcycle, you may have stuck with a similar engine or brand. However, some unique engine options are worth considering. Take, for instance, a V-4 engine; it’s a compact, powerful option that has its own perks. But what makes the engine unique and what are its pros and cons? At Twisted Cycles, we look to explain the V-4 engine below:

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Two motorcycle riders driving down a dirt road in autumn.

Can Your Ride a Cruiser Motorcycle Off-Road?

A List of Tips When Thinking About Taking a Cruiser Motorcycle Off-Road

Have you ever come upon an interesting off-road portion of your drive but are wary about using your cruiser motorcycle? Are you wondering if riding your cruiser off-road is even an effective option? In short, you can ride a motorcycle cruiser off-road. However, there are some stipulations and tips you may want to know before you try it. At Twisted Cycles, we look into the topic below:

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An image of the V-twin engine inside a 2020 harley Davidson Breakout® 114.

What are the Pros and Cons of a V-Twin Engine?

An Overview of the Pros and Cons of a V-Twin Engine

As one of the most iconic engines in the game, the V-Twin setup is a staple in the motorcycle industry. Used widely throughout Harley Davidson products, certain engine setups with its likeness provide a phenomenal experience when in use. But are there any downsides? At Twisted Cycles, we look into the pros and cons of the V-Twin engine below:

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A couple riding on a black CAN-AM Spyder, which is a tricycle.

What is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

An Investigation on What Vehicle is Safer: a Motorcycle or a Trike?

When searching for your next fun ride, you or your partner may have looked into a tricycle. While we do carry CAN-AM® Spyders and other great tricycle models at our locations, there are some major differences. One such difference is in safety – but what is safer? We at Twisted Cycles compared a motorcycle and a trike to see which one is a safer ride.

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