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A modern box engine located on a motorcycle.

Pros and Cons of a Boxer Engine

A List of Pros and Cons for the Flat Engine – Otherwise Known as the Boxer Engine

Typically found in Honda and BMW motorcycles, the Boxer engine – or Flat Engine – is a strong and capable engine for everyday travel. Most known for being in Honda GoldWing models, both the flat-4 and flat-6 offer up a great set of capabilities. But what exactly does it do well? Does it come up short in any way? Today, we at Twisted Cycles go over a list of pros and cons for a boxer engine inside a motorcycle.

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A closeup image of a motorcycle stereo with dials and buttons.

Ways to Safely Listen to Music While on a Motorcycle

Two Ways That You Can Listen to Music Safely on a Motorcycle

The wind in your face, the friends next to you, and the open road in front: what else could be better? While some motorcycle riders find solace in the sound of their engines, many of us want to enjoy some sweet tunes on the road. But what options are out there? At Twisted Cycles, we go over a few ways you can safely listen to music while on a motorcycle.

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