A man riding a black 2021 Can-Am Spyder past a gas station.

Can-Am® Spyder vs. Ryker: What’s the Difference?

A Comparison to Figure Out What’s the Difference Between the Can-Am® Spyder and Ryker

As the premier provider of three-wheel on-road vehicles, Can-Am® offers a wide range of rides. Though unorthodox compared to what we provide at Twisted Cycles, a handful of models from the brand make their way to our Lubbock and Dallas locations. But what are the differences between two of their main models: the Can-Am® Spyder and the Ryker? We overview the differences below:

The front view of a 2021 Can-Am Spyder parked on an iron bridge.

Can-Am® Spyders offer a Larger Vehicle with More Capabilities

Can-Am Spyders® are known for their unique design but have several benefits compared to the Ryker model. Ranging in the $14,000-$16,000 price range for a new model, the three-wheeled vehicle offers more powerful engines and storage space. Due to their larger size, they’re suited more for long-distance travel. Plus, most model years offer more trim levels with the Spyder than its smaller relative. If you champion day-long or weekend-long drives with your group, a Can-Am Spyder is best suited to take you.

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A young man getting ready to sit on a black 2021 Can-Am Ryker.

Can-Am® Rykers Provide a More Affordable Vehicle with Options

Meanwhile, the Can-Am® Ryker provides a more affordable option with its unique performance. As a whole, the vehicle is a smaller, more streamlined vehicle compared to the Spyder. However, this doesn’t detract from its capabilities. More recent models receive two engine options and trim levels. The choices are usually between a 600cc option or a three-cylinder 900 which improves its horsepower. It also comes with a unique “Twist and Go” automatic transmission, unlike the semi-automatic option in the Spyder. As a whole, the Ryker is best suited for shorter, daily drives and makes for a more affordable model with prices starting around $8,000.

Find a Pre-Owned Can-Am® Spyder or Ryker at Twisted Cycles

If affordability and uncertainty are in your way of purchasing a new Can-Am® Spyder or Ryker, stop into Twisted Cycles! Buying pre-owned allows you to save money on your purchase or lease for more accessories you may need down the road! We carry select Can-Am® models in our inventory, so be sure to check with us to see what we have in store!

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