A rural road with a blue sky above with a caption saying "Best Motorcycle Rides in the Lubbock and Dallas, TX Areas."

Best Motorcycle Rides in the Lubbock, Dallas Areas

Find Some of the Best Local Motorcycle Rides in the Lubbock and Dallas Areas

With summer almost here, the riding weather can’t get much better. It’s time to get out your cycles and take part in a safe, relaxing day trip with you, your friends and family, and your motorcycle. Many of us here at Twisted Cycles are ready to explore more places. Plus, we’d love to swap some rides with fellow riders! Here are some of the best motorcycle rides in the Lubbock and Dallas, TX areas to check out on an open weekend.

A google map of the Possum Kingdom Lake Ride in Texas.

Possum Kingdom Lake Ride

Just 60 miles west of Dallas Ft. Worth, riders can experience some fantastic scenery along a 165-mile trek. Going through Mineral Wells, Graford, Strawn, and Thurber, you can take-in some great views of the mountains and Possum King Lake. In the fall, some have even mentioned seeing autumn colors scattered around, making it a great spot for late-season drives.

A google map of the Red River Cruise route in Texas.

Red River Cruise

If you’re in the Denton area – located about 40 minutes north of Dallas – try out the Red River Cruise for some classic hill country views. If you take 2164 northwards and head west to Bolivar, there are plenty of curves and straightaways to keep you engaged. Eventually, the trek should take you through Saint Jo, which gives you a great view of the river valley. Making a stop in Muenster before hitting the highway back to Denton is also a popular choice for many.

A drawn map for the Double Mountains Loop near Lubbock, TX.

Double Mountains Loop

For one closer to our Lubbock location, try out the Double Mountain Loop. This trip – starting in Lubbock and going through Aspermont, Jayton, Spur, and Dickens – goes straight through cotton country and gives you a glimpse of Double Mountains from every side. The drive gives you a good mix of two-lane and divided highways along its 260-mile trek.

Tons of Weekend Getaway Trips in the Lubbock and Dallas Areas

Of course, these are just a few spots to check out. Have another motorcycle ride that’s worth checking out? Let us know in the comments! But before you head out, let Twisted Cycles give your motorcycle a tune-up or quick servicing to make sure you’re all set for the sprawling landscapes this state has to offer.

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