Air vs Liquid Cooling Systems in Motorcycle Engines: What Works Best?

What Motorcycle Cooling System Works Best Between Air or Liquid

When you’re searching for your next motorcycle, you’ll want to have a basic understanding of specific engine options and features that go with them. One of these topics is in its cooling system. Between air and liquid systems, what works best for what you need? At Twisted Cycles, we compare both air-cooled and liquid-cooled motorcycle engine systems to see what works best.

An air-cooled engine system on a Harley Davidson, a brand notorious for air-cooled engines for over 110 years.

Air-Cooled Engines

As a whole, air-cooled engines are often used for their cost-effectiveness and easy results when working with single-cylinder engines. In layman’s terms, an air-cooling system has exterior fins that allow air to pass through to dissipate excess heat coming from an engine. With an air-cooled system, it’s a simple system that requires less parts. This makes it ideal for smaller cycles or cruiser-types that run on lower RPMs. However, it doesn’t provide as much heat transfer as other methods and a cycle can overheat faster – especially in larger cycles.

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Liquid Cooled Engines

For many liquid-cooled engines, an external water jacket is placed between open-air and the engine itself, where water is pumped through to cool the engine within a cooling system. It provides better heat transfer than an air-cooled engine and is suited well for larger cycles or ones that constantly perform at a high level (such as race bikes). Because of the insulation, they also tend to run quieter than air-cooled cycles. However, it needs more parts to function properly and can be more expensive to repair or install. Plus, its engine cylinders must be constructed properly in order to fit inside the water jackets.

Find Both Cooling Systems at Twisted Cycles in Lubbock and Dallas, TX

While each coolant system works towards the same goal, knowing the difference between each system is important when purchasing a cycle. Plus, it’s important to be aware of what each system does if you currently have a model with a given system! Stop into Twisted Cycles today to check out each system in one of our quality pre-owned motorcycles to see which one works best for what you need. Also, if you need any maintenance help with your cycle, stop into our service departments, located at both our Lubbock and Dallas lots!

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