A handlebar and rear mirror on a motorcycle frozen over with icicles.

Is it Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in the Winter?

An Overview of Winter Driving with Your Motorcycle

Winter driving is always a point to think about when in a vehicle. Between colder temperatures, wintry precipitation, and potentially icy conditions, driving in the winter can be a difficult task. But what about motorcyclists – is it safe to ride in the winter? At Twisted Cycles, we go over if it’s the right move for you below:

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A man riding a black 2021 Can-Am Spyder past a gas station.

Can-Am® Spyder vs. Ryker: What’s the Difference?

A Comparison to Figure Out What’s the Difference Between the Can-Am® Spyder and Ryker

As the premier provider of three-wheel on-road vehicles, Can-Am® offers a wide range of rides. Though unorthodox compared to what we provide at Twisted Cycles, a handful of models from the brand make their way to our Lubbock and Dallas locations. But what are the differences between two of their main models: the Can-Am® Spyder and the Ryker? We overview the differences below:

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An elderly man tying a bow on a present on a table.

Holiday Gift Shopping Ideas for Local Businesses in Lubbock, TX

A List of Holiday Gift Ideas to Support Local Businesses in Lubbock, TX

If you’re stumped on where to find the ideal holiday gift for someone you know, there are plenty of options available. Especially in the Lubbock area, you can find unique items at local businesses in the area. Especially during these times, shopping local is a great way to support your community. At Twisted Cycles, we give a few gift ideas and provide some shops that can help you out.

Purchase a Gift Card from Their Favorite Restaurant

While some of us may not be comfortable dining out, we can still support local restaurants by giving the gift of a meal in the future! Gift cards are a great way to ensure local eateries can stay open while you give another person a future evening of great food. Plus, you can receive gift cards via third-parties to cover some local spots that don’t have an official one available Lubbock has a ton of great spots to try, including such places like:

Find Games to Play at Local Board Game Shops

One major spot to find a valuable gift for all ages comes in our local board game stores. Especially with the ease of online shopping from major distributors, shopping locally is more important than ever to them. You can find a wide range of modern board games to the classics at select shops. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone away from screens during this time to enjoy friends and family. You can find select games at places like:

Find Unique Clothing Options at Local Boutiques

Finding a unique piece of clothing for that special someone is another way to support the local community. Lubbock is filled with small boutiques to help you pick out that accessory or trendy piece of clothing for friends, family, and coworkers. Plus, select items may not be found in major retailers, meaning they’ll have something truly unique when they open up their gift. Some places to check out include:

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