A rider sitting on a silver Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle in a side alley at night.

What Automotive Brands Made Motorcycles?

Some Automotive Companies That Attempted to Make Motorcycles

The motorcycle industry is filled with phenomenal brands. Plus, a wide range of motorcycle types keep all of us enthusiasts busy with options and upcoming models each year. But have any major automotive brands attempted to make a motorcycle, such as Ford, General Motors, or other companies? At Twisted Cycles, we check out some of the stranger attempts automotive dealers made to enter the motorcycle industry.

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A 2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider compared to a 2018 Honda CB300F.

What’s the Difference Between Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Honda Motorcycles

An Overview on the Differences between Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Honda Motorcycles

If you’re looking for your next motorcycle, you may run across different brands in your search. While many of us love the feel of a Harley-Davidson, there are plenty of other great brands out there. One option is the lineup of Honda models. What’s the difference between the two? Check out our comparison of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to Honda motorcycles at Twisted Cycles.

A red 2019 Honda CBR1000R being driven down a road.

Vastly Different Specialties from Harley-Davidson and Honda

To start, each major motorcycle brand specializes in different types. Known for their classic look and cruiser lineups, Harley-Davidson models offer the mainstream look of a chopper or touring bike. The most well-known brand has become iconic with the classic look and feel of a finely-tuned bike. Meanwhile, Honda has placed itself in many other categories, most notably in:

  • Enduro Bikes
  • Sport Bikes
  • Scooters

While they do have offerings on cruisers, they have a much different look and feel to classic Harley-Davidsons.

Harley-Davidsons Tend to be More Powerful             

Because of this vast difference, Harley-Davidson models mostly offer more power from their engines. Often paired with a V-twin engine, their engine sizes produce much more torque on the roads. However, this can also mean a much different ride, as vibrations can cause rougher riding despite the iconic sounds.

Honda Motorcycles Are Often More Affordable Options

Meanwhile, Honda Motorcycles provide a more entry-level experience with more affordable motorcycles compared to Harley-Davidsons. Though they may not have the same power, they provide sound riding quality. Plus, they can be faster than some Harley-Davidson models – though that’s more a comparison on sport bikes to cruisers and touring models.

Find a Harley-Davidson or Honda Motorcycle at Twisted Cycles

Despite their differences, both the Harley-Davidson and Honda brands provide a unique experience on the road. While many love the ride and feel of a classic Harley, a Honda cycle can be a great investment. Stop into Twisted Cycles near Lubbock or Dallas, TX to find plenty of pre-owned models from any brand!

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