A closeup image of a motorcycle stereo with dials and buttons.

Ways to Safely Listen to Music While on a Motorcycle

Two Ways That You Can Listen to Music Safely on a Motorcycle

The wind in your face, the friends next to you, and the open road in front: what else could be better? While some motorcycle riders find solace in the sound of their engines, many of us want to enjoy some sweet tunes on the road. But what options are out there? At Twisted Cycles, we go over a few ways you can safely listen to music while on a motorcycle.

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A rural road with a blue sky above with a caption saying "Best Motorcycle Rides in the Lubbock and Dallas, TX Areas."

Best Motorcycle Rides in the Lubbock, Dallas Areas

Find Some of the Best Local Motorcycle Rides in the Lubbock and Dallas Areas

With summer almost here, the riding weather can’t get much better. It’s time to get out your cycles and take part in a safe, relaxing day trip with you, your friends and family, and your motorcycle. Many of us here at Twisted Cycles are ready to explore more places. Plus, we’d love to swap some rides with fellow riders! Here are some of the best motorcycle rides in the Lubbock and Dallas, TX areas to check out on an open weekend.

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A man and woman on a motorcycle driving down an open highway.

Four Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Four Motorcycle Safety Tips During Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is finally here, which means the roads are primed for that motorcycle trip you’ve been planning. May is also National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – a time to make sure everyone watches for and shares the roads with all cycle riders. While many drivers will find vehicle tips around all month, we at Twisted Cycles wanted to share a handful of tips for motorcyclists to keep in mind this month. Check them out below:

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