Two riders on a Honda Goldwing motorcycle driving down an open road.

What are the Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands on the Market?

Find Reliable Pre-Owned Motorcycles at Twisted Cycles

The motorcycle market is filled with brands, both young and old. On the bright side, those in the Lubbock, TX area have plenty of options available to them. But which motorcycle models offer the most reliability? At Twisted Cycles, we dig into several studies to determine which brands you should look into below:

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The side view of a white 2017 Husqvarna motorbike with a single-cylinder engine.

What are the Benefits of a Single-Cylinder Motorcycle Engine?

Benefits and Perks of Having a Motorcycle with a Single-Cylinder

Texas roadways are filled with a wide range of motorcycle types and engine options. Even in the Dallas or Lubbock areas of Texas, you can find plenty of options to choose from. While single-cylinder engines may not be the most common on the market, these unique powertrains provide a wide range of benefits. At Twisted Cycles, we looked into the benefits of such an engine on motorcycles below:

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The side view of a black and orange 2021 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™.

Check Out the Harley-Davidson Special on YouTube About the New Pan America Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson Recently Posted Their “Everything is a Road: The Path to Pan America”

This year, Harley-Davidson released information on their all-new Pan America. The cycle is their first reimagined every adventure touring motorcycle. To commemorate the addition, the company produced a segment on its history into the off-road market which you can see below:

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The side view of a woman driving a 2020 Harley-Davidson Breakout 114.

Low Mileage Used Motorcycles near Lubbock, TX

Check Out Twisted Cycles for Low-Mileage Pre-Owned motorcycles in the Dallas and Lubbock areas

The motorcycle community is filled with great bikes – new and old. Similarly, the market is filled with plenty of used motorcycles that offer a more affordable way to get into the lifestyle. But when it comes to mileage, many of us want models with lower numbers. If you’re looking for a low mileage vehicle in Dallas or Lubbock, TX, stop into Twisted Cycles today. Otherwise, continue reading to find out the importance of low mileage on a motorcycle

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A view behind traffic stopped at a traffic light.

Is it Legal to Lane-Split in Texas?

A Guide to Lane-Splitting and 2021 Traffic laws for Motorcyclists in the State of Texas

When out on the road, traffic can get busy in the Dallas, TX area. Highways especially can offer a difficult ride during rush hour. If you’ve wanted to get past slower drivers, you may have that urge to lane-split. But is lane-splitting legal in the state of Texas? Twisted Cycles looks into the matter below:

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A young couple walking a beagle at a dog park.

Dog Parks near Lubbock, TX

A List of Some Dog Parks to Check out in the Lubbock Area

Today is National Love Your Pet Day (February 20th). Despite the current climate, our loveable pets have kept us upbeat and active their entire lives. And while a nice walk or a treat here or there is something we all do, the Lubbock, TX area has tons of dog parks to let them run and play. If you don’t have a yard for your dog or want to get them out more, Twisted Cycles has some great dog parks to check out year-round!

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