Our new location is at 421 N. Grants Ln. Suite E, White Settlement TX 76108 on the West Side of Fort Worth.

While the name may be new, we at Twisted Cycles are far from new to the motorcycle business. Butch has been a part of the motorcycle scene in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since he moved here in 1988, working at various shops most of the years since he arrived, but this was not the beginning. In his own words “I have been working on and fiddling with motor driven two wheeled vehicles since I was a kid"

We don’t specialize in any particular brand or type of motorcycle at Twisted Cycles. If it has two wheels and a motor, we’ll work on it, buy it, or sell it. Over the years, we’ve worked on a wide variety of motorcycles from AJS to Zundapp and pretty much anything between. Lots of folks have a soft spot in their hearts for the older iron from England, America, Europe and Japan. That’s not lost on us here at Twisted Cycles. We love the old stuff, but we work on and sell the newer stuff too, so don’t think we’re behind the technological curve.

We’re a bit more old fashioned when it comes to customer service than most shops you see today. While we do use state of the art technology and tools, we see our customers more as family and friends.

You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles, chrome and leather, or un-necessary “accessory” type stuff at our shop, what you will find is a knowledgeable staff, courteous service, and possibly even some old part in our parts bins that you’ve been looking for.

We buy and sell motorcycles, parts and some accessories as well as repair and maintain bikes of every type imaginable. A few times a year we’ll pack up a bunch of cool old parts and such, haul them to a swap meet, and set up to sell them. Many of you have seen Butch for years at various swap meets around Texas and Oklahoma and he’s still doing it, but now it’s for us.

We occasionally build custom bikes with a LOT of fabrication work and some pretty wild designs, so we are happy to consult with you on your needs, whether it’s a bracket or an entire motorcycle.

Make it a point to drop in one day and check us out. We’re always willing to take some time to answer questions. There is almost always a pot of coffee on and plenty of cold water in the fridge.


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